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“Specialising in the personal touch for general fitness and rehabilitation, to help you look and feel better”

  Getting started   with Pilates


Click here to view our fabulous range of classes. We also offer 1:1 and duet equipment/mat sessions at times to suit you.

If you are new to Pilates:  


-  Join an ongoing beginners or    mixed level class, after    enjoying an initial personal 1:1

   assessment/teaching session

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Welcome: Durham Osteopilates at Durham Pilates Studio

Durham Pilates Studio welcomes you to practice Pilates with confidence through small classes and private instruction. All tuition is provided by Diana Thurston personally. In addition to being a fully qualified matwork and large equipment Pilates instructor, Diana offers clients the wealth of her training and experience as a recently retired (2017) osteopath. She specialises in providing her clients with a personal touch for general fitness, post-natal health and rehabilitation to allow individual needs to be met in a professional and yet fun way. Men and women of all ages are welcome. Please note that whilst musculoskeletal symptoms are accommodated, they are not necessary to benefit from Pilates at Durham Osteopilates!

Diana Thurston

Durham Osteopilates

Durham Pilates Studio


Durham Osteopilates is based in Durham Pilates Studio, a light, modern and fully equipped studio located just 2 miles to the north-west of Durham City Centre, adjacent to the A1 (junction 62). See Contact Us.

Why Durham Osteopilates?

Our focus is on providing high quality Pilates services, with all instruction being provided by Diana Thurston. Diana is fully qualified and insured to teach all forms of Pilates (matwork and large equipment), with Diana’s training and experience as an osteopath (retired from register in 2017) allowing her to offer her client’s additional support and reassurance. Thus all people can benefit from Diana’s extensive knowledge of the human body and its movement principles, enabling you to exercise safely and effectively with confidence, irrespective of whether you:

  - are fit and healthy

  - suffer from musculoskeletal pain, such as low back pain

  - are hypermobile,

  - have osteopenia or osteoporosis, or

  - have a specific medical issue.

Pilates is suitable for most people, regardless of age, current health and fitness level, when taught in an professional way with individual needs being addressed in an appropriate way.

Durham Osteopilates  offers a welcoming Pilates experience that is as personal and beneficial as possible, through our small matwork classes, individual tuition and duet (1:2) sessions.  We strive to help everyone work towards their own personal goals by increasing physical health and personal body awareness for optimal performance in daily life, modifying exercises where necessary to individual need.

We are proud to be one of just a few Pilates studios in the North East that provides the opportunity to work with the large specialist Pilates studio equipment with the support of a fully qualified teacher. We are also almost unique in the UK by offering the benefit of Pilates tuition supported by the training and experience gained from working as an osteopath (retired from register in 2017). Our large equipment includes a Reformer, Clinical Reformer (developed specifically to facilitate clinical rehabilitation), Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Step Barrel, Arc Barrel and Orbit. Most people enjoy the benefit of working with both small and large equipment as the range available adds variety, interest and fun!