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Pilates FAQs - Durham Pilates Studio

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What should I bring?

Please wear unrestrictive comfortable and stretchy clothing which allows movement. Layers (tops, and a light fleece when it is colder) are ideal to help you maintain a comfortable temperature. You should wear socks during class (please remove your shoes at the studio entrance). Although small head blocks are provided, you may wish to bring a hand towel for extra head support, and some people find a towel helpful to support their low back during exercises that involve lying face down on the tummy. Whilst water is available for drinking before and after class, you may wish to bring water in a non-spillable plastic sports bottle if you like to drink during class.

How often should Pilates be practised?

Most people manage one session per week, with some enjoying two sessions. In an ideal world, Pilates would be practised every day, and indeed, many Pilates clients enjoy practising Pilates at home in-between Pilates sessions. The real benefits come from building your increased body awareness and knowledge into everyday life, at home, work, in the car and during fitness activities.

Can I do Pilates if I suffer from low back pain?

Many people with back pain find Pilates helpful in supporting their symptoms. Indeed, Pilates is often recommended by GPs and other health workers as a component of a symptom management programme. However, it is important that you work with a qualified instructor who can assess the suitability of Pilates for you, who has the time to give you personal attention, and who has the ability to tailor exercises to suit your condition.

How can Pilates help me with my fitness regime or sport?

As Pilates is a musculoskeletal conditioning programme, it complements all forms of cardiovascular exercise that aim to increase the heart rate, including walking, running, swimming, cycling etc. It can also be practised alongside strength training programmes as Pilates offers a different emphasis. Pilates is often used by professional dancers and elite athletes to enhance performance and reduce injuries.

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