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Private (1:1) and duet (1:2) sessions offer the best opportunity for individual attention as they focus solely on your needs and goals. Sessions can involve working on the large equipment, matwork alone, or a mix of everything dependent on your preference and need. Large equipment sessions are particularly helpful in rehabilitating injury, aiding with a number of medical conditions, and reaching specific training goals. They are perfect if you want to see results as quickly as possible.

Durham Pilates Studio has a range of large equipment including a reformer, a Clinical Reformer which was developed with the need for rehabilitation in mind, a Cadillac, Step Barrel, Wunda Chair and Orbit. Most of this equipment uses tensioned springs of various strengths to provide a range of resistance choices from very light through to very heavy, to assist or challenge the body as required. The light springs can be used to emphasise good control of movement, or to provide a low level of resistance for strength work where indicated. The heavy springs can be used to provide extra support for beginners or for a newly introduced exercise, to support clinical rehabilitation, or to provide additional challenge to help clients meet their own personal fitness goals. Overall, the large equipment facilitates the achievement of personal health and fitness goals by tailoring the choice of spring resistance, as well as exercise choice, to individual need. It also provides for a more dynamic workout.

All of the studio's large equipment is 'state-of-the-art' and has been supplied by the renowned Balanced Body of California ( It is mostly a modern version of the apparatus developed and used by Joseph Pilates himself, or otherwise is a new piece of equipment developed in keeping with Joseph's philosophy. At first sight the equipment can look daunting as it is large like gym equipment, and it looks unfamiliar to most people. In addition the Cadillac has a tall metal framework, the 'tower', which is used to attach the springs - this can make it look rather fearsome! However, just think of the springs as very sophisticated elastic resistance bands (e.g. Theraband), widely used in Pilates and by physiotherapists, and think of the tower as the attachment point for these bands, similar to attaching the bands to a table leg or door handle at home! Most importantly, you do not need to be concerned about setting  up the equipment on your own as we will do this for you!

nda chair - this exercise focusses on muscle control and co-ordination

The Barrel