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Diana has recently relocated to Durham from Lincoln. These are some of the testimonials from her Lincoln clients:

Diana is delightful, knowledgeable and a caring person and I shall miss both her Pilates classes and osteopathy treatment. I knew Diana in Lincoln as my Pilates teacher as well as my osteopath, after having been diagnosed with a neck problem, which causes me bouts of severe facial pain. The small size of the Pilates classes meant that it was effectively like having a 1-1 tuition, with each exercise being modified (if necessary) to suit the needs of each class member. But there was also social interaction between the class members, which made the classes so much fun. Through Diana’s careful tuition I fully participated in the classes, doing the exercises in a way which improved my neck symptoms. I wish Diana every success in establishing herself in the North East and hope as many people benefit from her classes as they did in Lincoln.  

Jane S

We were a small mixed gender group ranging from early thirties to mid sixties, all rather fit in our own way but carrying parts of our bodies that were prone to play up on occasions. Diana's classes were inspired, gently challenging us all, whilst being aware of a particular individual's needs at any given time. We probably all joined Diana's classes to manage 'conditions' but it became much more profoundly relevant and holistically beneficial. In three years, my balance has improved beyond recognition - it's now better than my children and grandchildren. My flexibility has benefited and I know, that every week, each bit of me is well worked and strengthened. Our group takes Pilates seriously but there is frequent laughter and we all leave with an extra spring in our step. I have done various types of exercise over the years and continue to do so but the past three years with Diana has been a revelation.  Sue T.

I joined Diana's Pilates class on the recommendation of a friend. Having recently retired Pilates was on my 'to try' list.  I am now completely hooked and know I have had the best teacher imaginable in Diana. Diana creates a very calm relaxing environment, gives excellent individual instruction and the benefit I have experienced has far exceeded my expectations.  I have never been a very supple person but now have an ease of movement I have never experienced before.  I always leave her class relaxed yet energised, walking taller, stronger and ready to face the world. I cannot recommend Diana's Pilates class highly enough or commend with praise her teaching methods to you.  She is unique and will be quite irreplaceable to all of us who have so enjoyed her classes. Linda Phillipson (64 yrs)

After my experience of Pilates, several years ago, in a large group at a gym, I decided that Pilates was not for me. I suffer frequently from lower back pain, which can be very debilitating, causing the muscles to go into spasm.  I have now returned to Pilates but this time it is a totally different experience.  Through Diana teaching small classes and being a registered osteopath, she is able to tailor the exercises to the individual where necessary.  This has made a great difference and I have really enjoyed each session. Diana is always professional, safety conscious, very calm and dedicated as well as being a lovely person.  It is a great shame that I have only been with her for 3 months and she is leaving the area, but what she has already taught me will remain with me.  I will be able to continue to see the benefits of Pilates, not just on my back but my whole body. Many thanks to Diana, a fantastic teacher. Chris K.

Over the years I have tried various gyms and many different classes and had not managed to stick with anything until I discovered Pilates.  I attended one Pilates session at a gym with a teacher who made no allowances for age, inexperience or physical issues and as a result my back problem was aggravated. Fortunately, Pilates was suggested to me by an osteopath who also taught Pilates.  I embraced the classes and gained so much.  When Diana, an osteopath and Pilates Foundation Teacher took over, Pilates just got better and better.  Diana is sensitive to everyone’s needs and her enthusiasm and humour means the class seems to be over in no time! Pilates has made me stronger and straighter and I cannot imagine my life without it. Pauline H, aged 65.

I first met Diana as my osteopath. She was always my first choice at the practice. In one treatment session she gave me some Pilates exercises to do, these really helped with my bad back.  I was soon to join in with her Pilates sessions. I always look forward to the classes and they have been of great benefit both physically and mentally.  Gradually over the last two years my core strength has improved considerably, and I have had less problems with my back. Her classes are always well thought out, and whilst maintaining routines that we are comfortable with; she is always looking for ways of moving us forward. She is very sensitive to people’s needs and moods. She never presses people to do something they feel uncomfortable with but encourages us to develop. Her classes have a very friendly atmosphere and an element of fun. Her vast skills combined with her remarkable patience and pleasant manner; make her the perfect Pilates instructor.  Jane Wright.

I have been attending Pilates classes for around seven years purely for fitness and enjoyment, and during this time I have experienced several different instructors. I can honestly say that I have found Diana to be an excellent instructor.  She is clear and concise in her instruction, has a sense of humour thus making the sessions enjoyable and most importantly is fully aware of every individual in the room.  She knows everyone by name, any ailments or injuries they have and tailors all exercises to ensure that everyone is able to take part and make the most of every session no matter what their level or physical capability.  Diana has a personal approach to her sessions.  She has small class sizes, ensures she knows her clients and circulates whilst teaching, correcting or praising as she goes round to ensure each and every movement is performed correctly to ensure the full benefit is achieved. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year and half with Diana, my only complaint is that  she is leaving! Theresa

I was referred to Diana by my chiropractor who has been treating me for several years for pain from disc related problems in my neck and lower back, the result of ageing and various sporting mishaps in my younger days.  I have been doing Pilates with Diana in a small class environment for 4 months now and already I feel stronger, have better posture, more tone and my pain levels are also beginning to noticeably reduce. Diana knows each one of us and more specifically our anatomies and our individual strengths and weaknesses. She accepts all the difficulties people present, altering exercises for individuals as appropriate. No one is left to struggle, and most importantly, I feel safe in her hands.

Diana is a natural teacher and her sessions are always well structured, informative and also a lot of fun. Her passion for Pilates shines through, and I always leave the hour exhilarated! JH

I started Pilates a long time ago when a physiotherapist suggested it to me to cope with bad posture and back problems. At the time I had never heard about Pilates. It took me some time to get the hang of it but since then I have been a regular attender. A few years afterwards I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS); carrying on with Pilates has helped me retain a certain degree of autonomy, suppleness in my movements and a real pleasure in getting acquainted with my own body with the knowledge of what it can do, or can't in my own case. I recently had to change my teacher and came into one of Diana's classes as I knew her as my osteopath, aware that she also taught Pilates; therefore the change was easy: as my osteopath, I knew how  competent, dedicated and always resourceful Diana was; in her Pilates classes she was just the same with an added zest she gave to each lesson. With MS I am often limited in what or how I can do a specific exercise. In Diana 's class my situation is not a problem because she tailors the lessons to each according to our capabilities though directing us into doing all the same thing.  Having demonstrated a position she then goes round each of us to make sure we have adopted the right position and are following her instructions.She presents the usual pattern of a figure but also a more advanced one for those who are capable. In my previous classes, MS made me feel the odd one out; Diana, on the other hand, recognising my problems would always  find a different way for me to exercise the same muscles as the others thus enabling me to feel part of the group and, moreover, boosting my morale as well as my confidence. She is very prompt at praising us always with some feed-back thus leaving us with a real feel-good factor;  besides she is so versatile in what she makes us do that one hour goes very quickly. I always notice how, after a lesson, I walk better, with seemingly looser muscles and a swifter pace. I am going to miss her sorely not only as a Pilates teacher but also as an osteopath. I am sure I speak also for many others. All the best, Diana. Michèle.

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